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Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre

Director and Program Manager

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Licola, VIC
Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre
Full time, live-in position to start Jan 2021

What is Wollangarra?

Wollangarra is an independent, non-profit organisation situated beside the Macalister River south of Licola, Victoria. Through outdoor education, Wollangarra aims to provide a small but vital step towards a healthier environment, a stronger community and happier young people.

Wollangarra. Copyright Wollangarra 2020. All rights reserved.

Wollangarra is a unique and simple place. There is no electricity and access is via flying fox across the river. Everything is in the old style, including wood fired stoves and boilers, open fire places and old style gas lights.

The pioneer style homestead accommodates up to 24 young people in a simple but comfortable way. There are no timetables or bells, watches or mobile phones. Wollangarra offers young people the chance get away from all that and discover the heart of Victoria’s high country in small, well supervised hiking groups. They are then given the opportunity to return on follow-up programs and become part of an ongoing program of practical conservation in the nearby mountains.

Role of Director

As Director you will oversee the safe and effective running of programs for young people which focus on practical conservation through outdoor education in the Victorian mountains. Your leadership, communication and mediation skills will be relied upon by Wollangarra to maintain a capable and cohesive staff team. You will be required to oversee the maintenance of Wollangarra facilities and equipment to an appropriate safe standard. Furthermore you will be required to manage school bookings, maintain finances and work to a budget. The Director/s are employed by the Wollangarra Council and reports to the Council.

This is a live-in position. Directors can either choose to live in the main homestead onsite, or in the separate Directors cottage directly abutting the Macalister River. The cottage would be large enough for a small family. In the event of a couple seeking employment, it is possible that one person could take on the role of Director with the other taking on the Program Manager role (please see below for Program Manager Role).

More information and full Position Description for Director is available here: http://wollangarra.org.au/director-position/

Role of Program Manager

In the event of a single Director being appointed, an additional team member will be employed in a Program Manager capacity to support the Director.

The successful applicant will be a skilled outdoor educator, already quite proficient at leading groups in the outdoors, who is looking to experience intensive professional development and personal learning under the guidance of the Director. This position was created to enable a leader of young people outdoors to step up into leading and facilitating a group of other outdoor leaders.

The successful applicant will form the management team in conjunction with the Director and, as such, will enable a real “hands-on” approach to all aspects of managing the Wollangarra program and property. You will be a good “people-person” and someone who is able to get your stuff done whilst facilitating the staff team to be successful in what they are doing as well.

More information and full Position Description for Program Manager is available here: http://wollangarra.org.au/program-manager/

River Crossing. Copyright Wollangarra 2020. All rights reserved.

It is highly recommended that prospective applicants experience Wollangarra first hand. Those who are new to Wollangarra may also wish to visit the website (www.wollangarra.org.au) to familiarise themselves with the program structure.

Where: Licola, Victoria, Australia

Workload: Permanent     Full Time     Contract    

Closing Date: Thursday, November 19, 2020

Ross Richards and Josie McLachlan
Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre

Licola Victoria Australia 3858

Phone: 03 5148 0492

Email: businessmanager@wollangarra.org.au

Website: http://www.wollangarra.org.au

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